Why Women & Girls

Women’s Funding Alliance believes that, far from being the problem, women and girls are the solution to many of the challenges currently facing families, communities and our economy in Washington State. In our state and around the world, we know that when women are supported and given the tools they need to succeed, their individual triumphs become victories for the entire community and have ripple effects for generations to come. When the contributions of women are fully invited and acknowledged, businesses and economies are strengthened. When we teach our girls how to lead with loud, clear voices, they become a formidable force for change through their own leadership.

While we have made great progress for women and girls, there is still more work to do:

  • Just 32% of the Washington State Legislature is female.
  • Just 20% of corporations in Washington State have more than three women on their boards.
  • For girls, leadership aspirations peak at age eight and just one in five believes she has the qualities required to become a good leader.
  • Among full-time workers in Washington State, women still earn an average of just 78 cents for every dollar men earn.
  • Women who work full-time earn less than men at every educational level, and in some cases earn less than men with lower qualifications.
  • Among the largest racial and ethnic groups, Native American women have the highest poverty rates at 27.1% followed by Hispanic women at 26.4%.
  • 39% of single moms and those with young children have incomes below the poverty level. 


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