Why Here & Now

For more than 30 years, Women’s Funding Alliance has led the way to improve lives and create lasting change across Washington State. Working together with thousands of individuals and community partners, we have brought critical issues to light and mobilized our community to take new action. Because of our investments and advocacy, Washington State has a stronger, more impactful ecosystem of women and girl serving organizations.

Even while Washington’s women and girls have made significant gains, they continue to face unique challenges in the areas of leadership and economic opportunity. Now is the time to build on progress, address the challenges at hand and push harder than ever for women and girls across the state. We must not slow down until every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential. When women and girls have the skills, knowledge and capacity to participate fully in shaping society, families communities and economies are all strengthened. In every area, we are more innovative and higher performing together.

While Women’s Funding Alliance takes the lead for women and girls in Washington State, we are one of many working together in a global movement to improve the status of women and girls. We are a proud member of the Women’s Funding Network, bringing together sister organizations around the globe.

Learn more about the most current issues and trends – The Status of Women in Washington: Forging Pathways to Leadership and Economic Opportunity.

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