What We Do

Women’s Funding Alliance is the only organization across Washington State dedicated solely to advancing leadership and economic opportunity for women and girls. For more than 30 years, we have lead the way to improve lives and create lasting change.

Through our research, grant-making partnerships and community engagement, we have developed a deep understanding of how profoundly gender influences the challenges that face women and girls, and the solutions that stick. Our approach, honed by experience and informed by data specific to women and girls, effectively integrates the resources and advocacy where we as a community can make the most impact. In addition to initiating and leading efforts for change, Women’s Funding Alliance is a programming, resource and mobilization hub for people who care about women and girls.

Women’s Funding Alliance takes an initiative-based approach to our work. Each of our change initiatives share the same robust recipe for success:

1. Make the case

Women’s Funding Alliance conducts research, analyzes key trends and solutions, gathers stories, and seeks expert input from women and girls to inform our strategies. Because state level data about women and girls generally doesn’t exist, we share our findings broadly with influencers and decision-makers throughout the state. We also share the information in community forums to engage our donor activists, raise awareness and inspire others to join our effort.

2. Drive solutions

From making strategic grant investments in effective solutions, to convening community leaders to expand best practices and advocating for game-changing policies, Women’s Funding Alliance is an instigator and driver. We work closely with our donor activists, grant recipients and cross-sector leaders to accelerate change and ensure that more women and girls have access to the programs and resources they need.

3. Mobilize our communities

One of Women’s Funding Alliance’s chief strengths is our passion and talent for bringing people together around a shared vision. At every turn, Women’s Funding Alliance shines a light on key issues and creates connections – among women and men, organizations and companies, and advocates and decision-makers – to strengthen community and spur action.

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