100% Talent: A Gender Equity Initiative for King County


King County leads the way in opportunity and innovation. Home to some of the most recognizable companies in the world, our region is an incubator for cutting-edge research and clean technologies. Our workforce is diverse, skilled, educated, and creative.

Even as we are held up as an economic model for the rest of the country, we face a serious challenge within our labor force—one that conflicts with our deeply held local values of inclusion and fairness. In 2013, women in King County who worked full time year-round earned 76 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts (Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) Analysis of the 2013 American Community Survey). This represents a significant long-term problem for our region to solve. It has direct consequences for the King County labor market, our regional economy and our quality of life.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance have joined forces in response to this local challenge by launching a voluntary, employer-led gender equity initiative. We call this solutions-based initiative: 100% Talent.


Recognizing the value of women in the workplace is good business. This is the concept behind 100% Talent, the five-year initiative of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance to increase gender equity in King County.

100% Talent is grounded in solid understanding of the issues facing women and businesses.

  • Working together, we can close the gender wage gap in King County.
  • We all understand what we are up against.
  • We also now understand how to advance best-practice solutions.

Please join us by making a pledge to:

Think: Identify issues around gender equity; collect and track relevant employment and wage data from across your company; understand the root causes within your company that contribute to the gender wage gap.

Act: Address your most critical issues by implementing at least three best-practice solutions; track and monitor progress.

Share: Share your best practice solutions and successes with other companies and human resource managers.

Invest: Become a founding member of 100% Talent with a three-year financial sponsorship.

5-Year Goals:

  1. 500 companies make the pledge; 100 in the first 18 months.
  2. The majority of employees in King County are impacted through engagement of employers of all sizes.
  3. Companies report significant, measurable benefits as seen through semi-annual surveys and their own internal annual wage and demographic data collection.
  4. A best-practice sharing conference is held within a year.

Learn more about 100% Talent and how your company can create a more inclusive economy and vibrant King County for all.

We are looking for founding member sponsors to join 100% Talent. Benefits for joining include recognition and participation benefits plus additional opportunities for engagement with The Chamber and Women’s Funding Alliance.

Presenting Level: $100,000 a year for three years (one sponsorship available)
Executive Level: $50,000 a year for three years (three sponsorships available)
Premier Level: $25,000 a year for three years (two of four sponsorships available)

For general questions or comments please contact:
Liz Vivian, Executive Director, Women’s Funding Alliance, liz@wfalliance.org
Maud Daudon, President & CEO, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, president@seattlechamber.com

Ready to join or donate to our initiative? Please contact Helen Weyant, Development Manager, Women’s Funding Alliance, helen@wfalliance.org.

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