Big thanks to our community for comig together to stand up boldly for Washington’s women and girls. Thank you for joining us for an energizing afternoon!

At AMPLIFY we heard stories of endurance, and learned what it means to turn fishbowls into ponds. As our featured speaker Tiffany Dufu said:

To make our world a better place, we must invite women to lead and create more spaces for their talents to blossom.

Together, our community committed to making Washington State a pond where all women and girls can thrive by contributing more than $200,000 for her future!

Your generous gift will ensure thousands of Washington’s women and girls have the support they need to reach their fullest potential.

Thank you for attending AMPLIFY, and being a champion for women and girls!

One of our favorite moments was when Tiffany shared how turning fishbowls into ponds can expand women’s leadership and potential. Click here to watch and share Tiffany's golden quote!


Special thanks to our Sponsors

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